The one-stop source of support services for your “shoots” in the Dominican Republic

If you ONLY need the beach front of an all-inclusive resort for your “shoot”, you really don’t need Michelle d’Eze, Senior Producer, Dominican Republic Production Support Services.
If your locations “shoot” calls for a spectacular variety of background locations all across the Dominican Republic, then you absolutely need Michelle d’Eze and her team at Dominican Republic Production Support Services. MORE @
“Over the winter months”, says Michelle d’Eze, “international demand for warm, sunny Dominican Republic is very high. Clients come from all over the world, notably England, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, United States. Punta Cana is less than 2 hours from Miami and there are direct flights from most gateway cities in Europe.”
In the Dominican Republic, the days are longer and the natural light is ideal for outdoor photography. During these months, Dominican Republic Production Support Services has to deploy separate teams of professionals across the country to service different projects requiring different locations.
The multilingual teams are under the direction of an award-winning Film, TV and Video producer with solid experience acquired in Hollywood. Since 2006, this alliance has produced more than forty projects including reality-TV shows, music videos, catalogues, magazines, films and television commercials for numerous prestigious companies.
Concludes Michelle “We have years of “boots on the ground” experience in the Dominican Republic. We know our way around permitting, customs and all the little nuances of dealing with local suppliers. “We also can offer our clients’ savings on accommodation, transportation, permits, customs and international support team staff while simultaneously giving them international-caliber service”
Company Profile
Dominican Republic Productions Support Services provides international clients with turn-key services for TV Commercials, video and still photo “shoots”. These include: location scouting, set managing/coordinating, requisitioning and processing permits, casting, photography, studio rentals, equipment rentals, accommodations, catering, transportation (automobiles, boats, helicopters, trailer rentals) and all other production needs. Moreover, the company handles all the “nitty-gritty” tasks that are so time-consuming for a producer working abroad – – tasks such as customs, work permits and on-site logistics.
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À propos de mdeze

Under the direction of Michelle d'Eze, Senior Producer, Montreal/Quebec/Dominican Republic Photography Productions and Montreal/Quebec/Dominican Republic Locations Scouting primary function is to support producers, photographers, art directors, or publishers in their photo/films productions. Scouts for locations worldwide, negotiates contracts, recommend accommodations and transportation, searches for talent, holds castings, books and negotiates models, finds props, caterers, assistants, wardrobe, hair and make-up stylists....and much more. Michelle d'Eze is highly sought after for her professional handling of all aspects of photography production.Whether shooting in studio or on location at local and international venues, there are no insurmountable obstacles to her. Her contacts include Art Buyers at ad agencies, retailers/ catalogs, and other companies; Art Directors at ad agencies, magazines, entertainment companies, retailers/catalogs, and other corporations; and Photo Editors at magazines. Her Clients: Kiabi for Young & Rubicam (Paris); TROPIK Magazine ( Boucherville); Celine Dion for W Magazine (New York) Strut Magazine ( Toronto); Clin d'Oeil magazine ( Montreal) ; Bel Age Magazine ( Montreal ); Elle Quebec Magazine ( Quebec); Holt, Rinehart and Winston (Texas); Ann Taylor ( New York); Aigle ( Paris); Coates Coates (Illinois); Publicor Publishing ( Montreal), For more then 20 years, Michelle d'Eze top notch expertise in areas ranging from advertising, editorial, fashion, lifestyle and decor to industrial, architecture or special events Voir tous les articles par mdeze

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