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Choosing the right photographer!

There’s an old adage “You can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear”. Nor can you make a great photo by enhancing a mediocre picture with endless hours of Photoshop. The end result will still be an average photo. Moreover, since Photoshop is now so ubiquitous, anyone with a trained eye will recognize a “cooked in the computer” picture.

Not that Photoshop doesn’t play a role in today’s technology-oriented commercial photography. It certainly does. But, it should be used judiciously and in a manner that adds a touch of “wow” to what is to start with, a well planned and well shot photo.

Don’t be duped by an inexperienced or run-of-the-mill photographer who tries to convince you that getting the results you are looking for is just a matter of a simple, relatively inexpensive photo shoot followed by some technical tweaking. You could be looking at dozens of hours of post production and retouching costs. If, during the initial consultation, you hear the words « We can fix everything in post! » run and don’t look back.

To avoid these pitfalls when looking for the right photographer in Montreal turn to

Montreal Photographers Portal Offering the services of 12 of Montreal’s most accomplished photographers, this Portal can help you find the right professional for the right job. Individually, each photographer has an impressive portfolio, reflecting the highest level of visual artistry, creativity and technical excellence. If the project requires top notch expertise in areas ranging from advertising, editorial, fashion, lifestyle and décor to industrial, architecture or special events, Montreal Photographers Portal should be your “go-to” research source. Here’s how to access the information you need. Visit Identify the photographer that meets your particular needs Email Michelle d’Eze at michelle(at) or call her in Montreal at 514-938-8352

About Montreal Photography Productions
Montreal Photography Productions Services!

Montreal Photography Productions is an essential service for any producer, photographer, art director or publisher considering or having selected Montreal as a location for their shoot. Our primary function is to support you in your photo shoot productions. We can scouts for locations, negotiates contracts, and obtains permits and insurance certificates, we can as well, Searches for talent, holds castings, books and negotiates models, we are able to supports all aspects of production finances, we can finds props, caterers, assistants, wardrobe, hair and make-up stylists….and much more.

Contact: Michelle d’Eze, Montreal Producer Photographic Production Services Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1-514-938-8352 w





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